Lapis & Lazuli- Alessia Arti illustrator

Lapis & Lazuli- Alessia Arti illustrator

Miko, the little hamster around the world

Miko in March
(under cherry tree, Japan)

Miko in April
(traveling in ocean with crocodile pirates)

Miko in May
(with little mice engineers)

Miko in June
(traveling in the space!)

Miko in August (bear knights vs. dragon)

Miko in October (happy halloween, with snails)

He is a baby hamster, and he wants to see the world.
Simple, isn’t it?
So he bring the little bag and goes to see nations and oceans, taking with him a pieces of every stage.

  • For Project for “Città del sole” publishing’s competition.

  • Date May 2017-september 2017

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